We Want to Hear YOUR Festival Story. #PeaceLoveHaiku


Aloha from Northshore Maui! Our beloved annual festival is coming up on Sat., April 25, 2015, and we’d love to hear YOUR story! Here’s how:

1. Write #PeaceLoveHaiku on a piece of paper (as creative or simple as you’d like) then post a picture of it on your Instagram and/or Facebook.

2. When you post your photo to IG and/or FB, also finish one of these sentences: “I love the Ha’ikū Ho‘olaule‘a & Flower Festival because…” Or “One special memory I have from the Ha’ikū Ho‘olaule‘a & Flower Festival is…”

3. Finally, be sure to tag us in your post and use hashtag #PeaceLoveHaiku – that way we can see your post and read your story! We will share many of your stories via our Instagram and Facebook page. Some may even end up on our blog!

We love our little Northshore community and cannot wait to hear YOUR story!

Example: I love the Ha’ikū Ho‘olaule‘a & Flower Festival because of the amazing live music! #PeaceLoveHaiku

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