Love Flowers, Plants & Fresh Produce? Don’t Miss this Maui Festival!

Our Flower & Plant Growers Market cannot be beat! Get ready to buy fresh flowers, plants, produce and value-added products from many of Maui’s local Flower and Plant Growers! Here’s a bit more about our fantastic Growers Market, from Chrystal Summers (PTA Growers Market) and Jennifer Karaca (Growers Market Chair):


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Hi! I am Chrystal Summers and I am working in the PTA growers market. The children  have always inspired me to be part of the HHFF and  this is just another way for me to help give back to our school and community. This is my fourth year volunteering, my first year was when I was pregnant with our son Moses, and I have helped every year since he started attending Haiku Elementary. We can look forward to fresh cut flowers and produce this year at the HHFF some of which was grown from our own students in their school garden! Anyone can donate fresh cut produce, flowers and plants.


This is the first year we have had to really deal with fire ants . In regards to this we recommend going to  to learn more and so you can pre-check your plants prior to drop off.  With just taking these few steps we can help stop the spread of these red little buggers. If you wish to help out or volunteer on this day please feel free to email or  so we can sign you up. Thank you for all of your help and efforts with the HHFF which in return gives our children a brighter school year of fun-filled growth and learning.

Peter Swanzy Photography

From our Grower’s Market Chair, Jennifer Karaca:

What inspired you to be part of the HHFF? How many years have you been attending and/or volunteering at the festival?

I have been attending and helping with the festival for 2 years now. I started when my son started kindergarten at Haiku Elementary and wanted to help his school in any way I could.


What can we look forward to this year in the Growers Market? 

Lots of wonderful local growers.


What are the guidelines for those interested in participating in the Growers Market:

You can sign up with for a booth if you have anything that you have grown to be sold. Any type of fruits, flowers and plants are welcome. We even have a honey farmer! (Please see Chrystal’s comment above regarding fire ants.)

Any special donors/contributors that you’d like to mention?

Most of our growers donate to the school as well as paying for a booth, so I am thankful for all of them and their dedication to keep returning year after year to support the school.

Why do you love the HHFF?

It is a beautiful event that brings the community together to share in our talents and crafts, while supporting our children.

If someone wants to help, who do they contact?

They would contact me at or 509-851-8300

Mahalo Chrystal and Jennifer for your wonderful contributions. We cannot wait for the festival’s Growers Market on April 25, 2015!

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