Join in our “Orbital Celebration” with Astronomer Harriet Witt

Maui Astronomer Harriett Witt is joining us this year with a special celebration of our 21st anniversary at 11:45am in front of the main stage.  Here is what she has to say about it:

We’re honoring the Festival’s 21st anniversary – that’s 21 orbits of our blue-green planet around a golden star called the Sun!

We’ll have a virtual Earth orbiting a virtual Sun – with music, movement and body decor. If you’re in the audience, you’ll be part of this 15-minute celebration that starts at 11:45 in front of the main stage.

Paul Janes-Brown is playing the role of the Sun. The role of the Earth is being played by Malu Leamohalu and his little 5-year-old boy Koa, who will ride atop Malu’s shoulders while holding up an Earth beach ball overhead. We have 12 different people holding each of the 12 month signs, which will be arranged in a circular orbit around the sun.

JANUARY – Judy Halip
FEBRUARY – Joe Bardwell
MARCH – Ba Aye Rajan
APRIL – Sandia Siegel
MAY – Elo Shak
JUNE – Bill Jones
JULY – Peter Kafka
AUGUST – Anita Bardwell
SEPTEMBER – Ember Behrendt
OCTOBER – Charlie Kirchner
NOVEMBER – Lee Cutler
DECEMBER – Nathan Withers

We hope you’ll join us in singing (to the tune of Happy Birthday):

“Happy orbiting to us, happy orbiting to us, happy orbiting dear Earth, happy orbiting to us.”

This event is a production of the Keiki-Kupuna Orbit Project featured at the GIVING BACK booth in the Community Living Tent. It recognizes that a sustainable society is where elders pass on wisdom to youngers – and youngers ask cosmic questions. GIVING BACK is a nationally-awarded Maui non-profit fostering inter-generational relationships through a variety of activities.

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