Main Stage

Main Stage organized by  Master of Ceremonies, Tim Wolfe

9:00am Opening Blessing: Jocelyn Costa

9:10am First Graders Sing with Aunty Amy

9:15am Maui Samba Band & Festival Parade

9:45am Benny Uyetake & Kalama Ukulele Band

10:05am Controlled Burn with Sebrina Barron

10:35am Sponsor Mahalos

10:45am Uncle Richard Ho’opi’I

11:20am SeaFire Aerial Performance

11:30am Aloha Bluegrass Band

12:10pm Dr. Nat and Rio Ritmo

12:50pm SeaFire Aerial Performance

12:55pm The Haiku Hillbillys

1:35pm Akari Ueoka – Japanese Dance

1:40pm Marty Dread

2:20pm Yum Yum Beast

3:05pm Soul Kitchen

3:50pm Rosalind Modica’s Blues Society

4:30pm Festival Pau


Keiki Stage

Keiki Stage organized by Mistress of Ceremonies Kate Griffiths

Festival parade from main stage to keiki stage…

10:00am Maui Samba Band

10:30am Auntie Jelly and her Fantastical Felt Board Stories

11:00am Melinda & Peter Wing aka Uncle Bwop & Auntie Melinda — Musicians & Story Tellers Extraordinaire

11:30am Kateva – Keiki Music Time with Auntie Eva & Auntie Kate

12:00pm Exergy 35 Edutainment Productions – Chi Ribbon Dance/Martial Arts & Hula

12:30pm Singer Nelli

12:45pm Zenshin Daiko/Children’s Taiko

1:00pm Jason Buffaloboy – Contemporary Native American music and edutainment on the importance of sustainable agriculture.

1:30pm Rhythms of Congo

2:00pm Andrew Corradini – American Folk Music

2:30pm Wes Furumoto – Poi Dog Music from Haiku’s Front Porch

4:30pm Festival Pau

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